Happy New Year!!

Below is a link to an audio that I recorded to start the New Year.  2015 is going to be about starting new practices and making constant improvements every day -

Here is the link to the audio -


Apologies for the clicking noise in the background.  Time to get a new set of Head Phones.

I woke up this morning late and was looking at the projects to take in for 2015 and what are the projects that I want to take on every day to make constant improvements.

Here are the practices that matter to me -

1. Record Audio Messages Every Day - This gets ideas out of the head that would be rattling around and causing problems (specifically causing me not to be present with the people around me.)

2. Blog Every Day -  Blogging causes me to write down ideas.  Writing down ideas solidifies them in the head and makes them more real. 

3.  Read Every Single Day - This fills the mind with great ideas that can be shared and can lead to greater practices.  In 2015, I plan on reading a few books a lot of times.

4.  Being a Better Communicator with the Family -  This includes listening a lot more and not being judgmental.

5. Replacing Judgement with Gratitude - This started as a conversation about not being judgmental.  However, as I have learned in the past, there is no way to stop doing something without replacing it with something else.

Have an amazing day and please feel free to share your daily practices.


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Imagine sitting down to your desk and being able to get into a blissful state.  This is great when you are meditating.

However, what about those times when you are doing work?

What about those times when you are doing what could become a boring task?

In the Audio message below, you will have a whole new World of possibility made available to you through getting into a meditative state.

Check it out and make today an awesome day.


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Until recently, I thought my success had to do with the actions that I take each day.  However, I have realized that the actual steps that I take are far less important then the feeling that is happening inside as I take those actions.

In the video below, you learn -

1. Why Your Biggest Challenge is in getting yourself to get stuff done.

2. Why I believe You are focusing on the wrong things.

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I took my daughter to the New York Philharmonic in Central Park on Monday, July 15 and it was nothing short of magical.

In the video below, you will learn -

1. Why it is important to seize the magic moments in your life.

2. Why the stuff that bothers you and gets in the way of you doing what you want really does not matter.

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Newly crowned Middleweight UFC Champion Chris Weidman cannot sleep.  What is this all about?  In the video below, you will learn -

1. Why achieving your goal is not what life is all about.

2. What to do When Success Comes Too Quickly.

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